Using CMS for Designing Static Sites

Haven’t had a chance to check out the new features yet, but I have a question. Will I be able to use the new design features (blog pages, etc.) to create static pages that can be exported, without paying the $20/month for CMS and hosting? I host my sites elsewhere, but the capability to still use the new features would be great.


Check out the FAQ.

Dynamic pages and lists that use content pulled from collections (database) aren’t included on export. So your dynamic pages and lists will be blank. If you are going to export your static site anyway (and possibly use another CMS) why go through the additional work of setting up the Webflow site to use CMS features? It doesn’t appear to add value… just create additional work.

Afterthought: If Webflow did preserve dynamic page and list layouts on export (dynamic elements became static on export) I would be curious to see how this would add value to the design process. Depending on the volume pages your are wanting to build/rebuild via the collections section it would be quite handy if dynamic elements were exported as static. It would liekly be easier to populate a bunch of form fields instead of duplicating and creating pages.


Your afterthought is exactly what I want to do. Use the automatic nature of the cms to build pages and lists that match in style, then export as static.


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