Integrating Hostaway API into Webflow Site

Hello Webflow World,

Trying to see what the easiest way would be to display an external API on my Webflow site. I have an API token from a software called Hostaway, they have all the information for booking, reservation dates, photos, names, descriptions of the listings I am looking to bring over to Webflow.

I am trying to pull all that info from Hostaway and display it with my own front end design on Webflow, I would also want the ability to book directly from Webflow and communicate that to Hostaway without ever having to leave the site.

Let me know if anyone has a code snippet that I can use to integrate the API into my site.


The easiest way is a bit subjective, but in my opinion… simply use Make (Integromat) as the glue service in-between Webflow and Hostaway.

This is a common pattern to hook up 3rd party services with Webflow.

I’ve never used Hostaway, but I’d assume it would work.

The basic workflows would look like:

Hostaway --> Make --> Webflow CMS

This get’s your data into the Webflow CMS ready for display.

Webflow CMS --> Webflow Collection Page

This displays your Hostaway data within Webflow.

Native Webflow Form --> Make --> Hostaway

This allows you to update your Hostaway data directly from within Webflow.

I use this pattern often, always with success.

Here are a couple screencasts that show you the basics of how to use Make / Zapier with Webflow and the Webflow CMS:

It then opens up the door to use more advanced techniques like Webflow Webhooks:

That helps you keep things in sync.

As well as just a ton more examples and walkthroughs on my blog:

Hope that helps!

@danielthorne did you have any luck with this? I would love to see the outcome if you’re happy to share?