Integrating API and Login Functionality into Webflow

Hi everyone,

I’ve recently started on using Webflow for a project aimed at redesigning a news website that I access using my personal login / password.

Before diving into Webflow, I successfully developed a proof of concept outside of it, utilising some basic JS and HTML to manage login authentication and fetch news via a bearer token via the API.

Being new to Webflow, I’m looking for recommendation on the most effective way to integrate this login functionality (getting the token bearer and storing it) and then getting data via the API into the platform.

I’m thinking of two main approaches:

  1. Embedding custom code directly in Webflow: I understand this requires a paid hosting plan. Since it’s a paid feature, I haven’t had the opportunity to explore it yet. Does anyone have experience with this method, and would you recommend it for handling dynamic data like this?

  2. Utilising external tools such as Zapier or Make (Integromat): These tools could manage the API data and push it into Webflow. Has anyone used these services for similar purposes?

Thanks in advance for your help!

I’ve successfully done it via Webflow custom code :slight_smile:
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