Connect external API

Hello Everyone!

I’m a product manager & I want to work with my team to build our landing page in webflow but we face a problem where we don’t know how to use a piece of code that should be use in web flow this code for (travel book slider we want to fetch data from API. (similar to booking, Expedia). It’s possible to do that?

It depends on the design of your API.

Webflow’s hosting does not offer the ability to access the server-side environment or upload server-side code. If your API requests require secure calls, and use CORS to block client-side access, you’ll need to look at one of two options-

  1. Client-side script + webhook automations that perform the API calls.
  2. Exporting and hosting your site on a non-Webflow environment.

If your API allows client-side calls, and its safe to do so, you can just make them directly from your client-side javascript.