Hostaway Vacation Rental Software API Connectivity

Anyone have any luck in the past with connecting Hostaway’s open API to a Webflow template? For WP they have a plugin that is pretty basic. I found a Webflow template that would make a great vacation rental page - just want to make sure I am not going down the wrong path.


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@Christian_Avolese - Hi and welcome to the forum.

Integrating third-party restful API’s that require authentication in Webflow typically requires building a middleware application since you can’t run backend code. If you are not a developer, this would be quite a challenge. Why not explore using a builder in WordPress to theme the plugin’s output? Microthemer (wp design plugin) can manipulate the style output of any plugins, if a builder does not integrate. A WordPress builder like Bricks Builder would probably be perfect, and it has a Webflow-like designer. The other option is to go custom. If you have a budget and need help, feel free to inquire me via a direct message. Cheers.