Hostaway Vacation Rental Software API Connectivity

Anyone have any luck in the past with connecting Hostaway’s open API to a Webflow template? For WP they have a plugin that is pretty basic. I found a Webflow template that would make a great vacation rental page - just want to make sure I am not going down the wrong path.


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@Christian_Avolese - Hi and welcome to the forum.

Integrating third-party restful API’s that require authentication in Webflow typically requires building a middleware application since you can’t run backend code. If you are not a developer, this would be quite a challenge. Why not explore using a builder in WordPress to theme the plugin’s output? Microthemer (wp design plugin) can manipulate the style output of any plugins, if a builder does not integrate. A WordPress builder like Bricks Builder would probably be perfect, and it has a Webflow-like designer. The other option is to go custom. If you have a budget and need help, feel free to inquire me via a direct message. Cheers.

Jeff, we are in need of exactly what you describe. We need to modify the output from the hostaway wordpress plugin. How can we connect to discuss the details?