IDX Integration for Real Estate Website

Hey guys. I just got my first client and I’m not sure what to do. He needs to connect his IDX provider ( into the website. His idx content provided by their local association is privileged to paying real estate agents only. He also added:

Oh last but not least, I mentioned before that our local multiple listing service requested out computers ip address before issuing idx credentials for access. While this be a problem for you to integrate idx since you are located in the Philipppines?

His idx provider gave him a link and password to give to his web developer.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hey @Daniel_M! Welcome to Webflow!

So a lot of this really depends on what level of “integration” you want.

Looking at the har website they have some developer resources by the look of it. And you may be able to just embed an iframe or something.

If they have an API, you may be able to use something like zapier or integromat to take the data out of the MLS, then create Webflow CMS items. From there you can style and setup however you would like in Webflow.

Hope that helps somewhat. :+1:

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Thank you so much! I understand it now.

Hello Drew, it’s me again. Do you know how to create a listing search bar like this:

It’s a Real Estate website. Thank you.

Hey @Daniel_M

That would be a bit hard to do in Webflow out of the box…

What your looking for is some sort of faceted search. Which doesn’t currently exist in Webflow.

You could look at some custom code solutions like explained in this post:

But apart from that, nothing out of the box. Sorry.

While Webflow is an amazing website design tool, sometimes there are other solutions better fit for purpose. I believe there are quite a lot of WordPress themes and plugins specifically designed for real estate websites and MLS data. Doing something like that may actually be simpler.

Hope that helps.

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Thank you for your help. I have other questions, is there any way I can message you directly? I’m just starting to learn building Real Estate websites and I can’t find any answers on google. Thank you.

Hi Daniel. We’ve recently launched our IDX solution for Webflow. You can check it out on the Showcase or by visiting our website at Add On IDX

@karimardalan does your solution stay at the client’s website url and is it covered under the webflow https?

Does it work with Showcase IDX and Weflow

Sorry @jdesign . I didn’t see your reply until now, months later! Our widgets do get embedded on the client’s site in Webflow, but when you click on a listing or do a search the IDX data is displayed on an external URL (with SSL) using the same design as the client’s site.

Hi @davidraydesilva and so sorry for the delay in my response. I’m not familiar with Showcase IDX, but our solution certainly does work with Webflow. Book a demo and I’m happy to walk you through it.

Hi @karimardalan - I’m currently in the process of building a real estate website on webflow… Let’s say I go with add-on IDX. To my understanding, the search/listings won’t be in an iframe but will be found an external URL with my branding, etc… will this help or hinder my SEO or cause no change to my SEO like an iframe would?

I’m an absolute noob at this & I have been looking for an IDX provider for the past few weeks that integrates well with webflow & has solid UI & UX but I do not want IDX search & info displayed via iframes!

Hi Jordan. The search form will be embedded on your Webflow site using a JavaScript widget. The search results and detail will be on an external URL which will have the same look and feel of your site. I see you scheduled a demo with me today, I’m happy to go over the details with you and answer any other questions.