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Including dynamic data with exports

Just finished customizing a template, it works and looks fantastic but on export I get a message that says “This website will be exported without any dynamic data.” Once uploaded to my server the photo collection on my Work page is not there at all. Any ideas why? I do have a preminum account.

You can only export static pages, not the CMS

So what does that mean? How do I convert my photo album collection to a static page?

You would manually link all your photos through the asset manager.

They’re all linked in my assets.

Create a page, design it as if the CMS never existed as an option. The CMS (collections,dynamic data,etc.) is only a year old. Prior to that, we never were able to use it.
So, put yourself in the mindset that the CMS isn’t something you can use and just build without it. Either that, or you’ll have to host with webflow and not export your site.

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