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Export image CMS Collection

Hi everyone,

I purchased a website called agencios and I modified its contents by creating new projects and uploading new images to the cms collection to customize it to my liking.
I published the site on the webflow platform and everything works perfectly.
I then exported the zip file of the site to upload it to my domain.

And here I have a problem:

the images in the cms collection are not exported.
Therefore, the images of the projects in the cms collection are not displayed in the preview of the site on my domain.
by publishing the site on webflow I view all the images.

exporting the entire site (minify HTML) to deposit it on the site of our customer, it DOES NOT export the images uploaded to the CMS Collection.

I then exported a .csv file with the ‘export’ button on the cms collection panel, but I don’t know where I have to insert it to make sure that its content is displayed on the site on my domain.

how do i export all images to CMS Collection with Minify HTML?

Thank you all.


Hey Centropolis :smile: !
Great to see you here and thank’ s for asking!

Webflow University says:

CMS and Ecommerce content (databases) aren’t exported. Collection lists will show the empty state. Collection pages will also not show any content that’s bound to Collection fields as well.

It’s probably possible to reinsert the cms entries manually, I’ve never worked with the exportet .csv from cms collections though!

— How are they structured?
— Are images stored as blobs?

It’s probably quit tedious, I’m willing to help you here :slight_smile:

@centropolis- The functionality of the CMS and CMS collections is completely dependent on Webflow hosting. If you plan on using the CMS, plan on hosting on Webflow.

It is possible to scrape a site using wget to build a mirror that you can upload to a standard hosting account and have the full site display. If you did any updates you would need to rinse and repeat. Viable for sites that don’t change often and have less than 50 collection items.

CSV exports of CMS collections that contain an image asset will render the URI of the asset in Webflow’s CDN, but will not “download” the image for you.

I frequently build sites quickly on Webflow to host externally on my own servers with a CMS backend I provide. I don’t bother building more than a handful of CMS items in Webflow just to facilitate the layout and development in the designer. Once the site is migrated, I then populate my CMS with items but use the layout files (collection templates) with code from the new CMS. That’s how I roll.



I export the whole site with minify html but in the images folder there are no cms images … I export the csv file that contains the data. the images must be placed manually in which folder. I find this incredible … how can I do?


Hello, Jeff!
My name is Veronika.
I see - you are great expert Webflow.
I had the same problem with export of CMS collections to my hosting and I very like this way that you wrote. And I wanted to ask you to tell me more about this, if you don’t mind. Because I didn’t really understand what need to do.

Thank you very much in advance!