Export in WordPress

Hello, I want to move my webflow site in wordpress so i am exporting my code and
I am getting this Warning:

Exports don’t include CMS or Ecommerce functionality. You can export Collection content from the Collections panel.

How can I export my whole site and I don’t know about Collections panel etc

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Collection page layouts export but not the data inside pages. You can do a CSV export of the actual collection data. From there you would need to import it into WordPress which might include adding custom post types and custom fields as well as creating a theme from your design.

THanks for ans, is there any video for this process?

Not that I am aware of. There are plenty of Wordpress tuts on how to build themes, how to create custom post types and fields. If you are not a developer you might consider pinegrow or udesly to handle the WordPress theme creation from a Webflow site. I usually build out WordPress sites directly in Oxygen Builder and skip Webflow altogether. Good luck with your project.