"No Items found" under images

I stored the images in Assets. When the website is under the webflow environment, the images looked perfectly fine. Whenever I exported the website and opened the HTML file with the web browser, the images still appeared but I saw “No Items found” under images. I saw that others have posted similar questions, but I was not able to follow the solutions.

If you have encountered similar issues, please let me know how you solved them. Thank you!

Read-Only site

Published site

Exported sites do not export the CMS collections or collection lists rendered on a page. For that you need Webflow CMS plan hosting or you can build your own integration on an exported site.

Thanks, Jeff. I want to mention that the images are currently stored in Assets.

If you exported the project and are hosting the site on a webserver everything should be there except CMS data and collection lists. If images don’t render, you would need to check your page in browser devtools. If it is publicly available, share a link. Anytime you post in this topic and many others you really need to share both a read-only link and a link to the published site. Only way for others to debug.

Thank you, @webdev. I have included the read-only link and a link to the published site. But the published site does not have the behavior that I described, so I also included a screenshot.

More information on this issue is that I was replacing images under CMS with images under Assets.

I may be having the same issue with no clear fix.

I have multiple multi-select fields in my CMS category, and the template should display all of them. Actually, one of them is working - I have a collection list point to the multi-select field, a text box in the collection item field, and it is showing the name of the selected entries from said multi-select/collection.

But the 3 other collection lists simply display “This collection does not contain any items”, which is not true. They’re structured the exact same way as the first, but pointing to their respective collections, and giving me the same response.

I’ve tried rebuilding the collection list multiple times, and I’ve tried copy+pasting the working one, to no avail. Any ideas?

Quick question, so if I have webflow CMS hosting plan, will I than be able to get rid of the “no items found” error on an exported site?

@Clive_Lynch - Nope because pages and lists generated by the CMS do not get exported. Only the template does and the code surrounding a collection list. You would have to export your data as CSV and then use code or convert your pages to another CMS you ran for your exported site.