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Import HTML/CSS in webflow


Is it in the futhure possible to import html/css in webflow ?

Hi @julien thanks for asking! Webflow is for starting new sites, not importing old sites. The reason this is the case is because there is no way Webflow can understand the millions of ways people write code. Also there is no real way to “convert” a non responsive site into a responsive site (which is Webflow’s specialty).

So it’s best to start from scratch.

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Not to mention that in most cases writting site from scratch is faster than making it responsive using code editing… And you can always make the code cleaner. When I look on my old sites I say to myself Dafuq?! ^^

I just subscribed to webflow for a year and bought a premium template. I exported that template and made some changes in Dreamweaver but now I cannot import that template back into webflow! This should be possible since the webflow template is still in tact; I just made some changes in colors, logos, etc. If I can’t import webflow templates back into webflow after working with them in Dreamweaver then my enthusiasm for staying with webflow is greatly reduced. Basically, I’m much more comfortable editing my websites in Dreamweaver since the webflow designer seems to be much less flexible. I spent a very long time unsuccessfully trying to figure out how to change something in webflow; in contrast, such changes are relatively trivial in Dreamweaver. I’m very disappointed with webflow at the moment. Maybe things will improve as I become more familiar with it but I wish I had not subscribed for a whole year.