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Importing HTML/CSS into Webflow

Is there a way to import existing HTML/CSS/JS into Webflow? I use Foundation to build my page structures and would like to leverage Webflow to quickly explore visual styling. Is this workflow possible? Thank you.

Hi @kidg21!

Right now, it isn’t possible to import a full site into Webflow :-(. That would be awesome though, and something we’d love to make possible in the future!

Currently you can embed blocks of custom code into your Webflow sites (in the “Add” panel, in “Media”), but that’s probably not quite what you are looking for.

Well, at least that would allow me to import individual UI elements for styling. However, since my UI is already class-dependent, am I able to link to external CSS or would I need to rebuild the classes within Webflow? Thank you.

Hi, you can link to any css file you want, as long as you have it hosted somewhere that you can link to… for example, another website storage or cdn… Otherwise, you have to recreate the styles from your css into webflow.

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Hi Dave, Importing Bootstrap CSS into webflow, will it not be interfering the webflow.js? And considering I imported bootstrap css/js into WF. Do I still need to keep Webflow.js? Sorry for this lame question =)
Edit: found the custom code. lol

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you can import webflow into stackhive with insert a bootstrap call… and it runs perfectly.

I would guess… it should work the other way around also.

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Hi, you can link to Bootstrap css styles from the Header of your site, just like you can link to any other css styles. You should have the styles you are linking to on some cdn or dropbox or something. We do not support using any other frameworks with Webflow, but technically, you can get bootstrap to work if you link to the bootstrap sources.

I have not encountered any conflict with webflow.js, but since we do not support bootstrap, that could be subject to change, anytime we make an update. Just be aware of that.

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Thanks Dave. Greatly appreciate it…

What obviously would be super awesome with the new CMS capabilities, is to include an importer for Wordpress or anything else!! That should be a killer feature, a massacre!! When can I buy Webflow stock?!? Just wishful dreaming a bit over here…


It’s been several years, is there anyone really working on import functionality?

Allow us to import either HTML and or insert a link which then webflow simply goes through the div classes and automated the process, this way you can modify it further using Webflow.

I work at a business which already has a built website and they are absolutely not interested in recreating it in webflow however they would love to be able to use webflow, this is because it is too much effort to recreate things.

This will also allow us to redesign websites that have been built through various tools, ofcourse you might run into some issues such as bootsrtrap and so on however you can just have bootstrap only affect new elements that are put in the page.

For example if a website uses buttons and stuff - when it is imported, instead of having it connect to bootstrap which might screw up the design if it wasn’t originally built on bootstrap to simply ‘ignore’ bootstrap classes by tagging it with an id like ‘no-b’…

You get the point, just make it work :wink:

Adding to this…

Say I finished to design a project. I export it and FTP it to my own servers. Great, the site is live!
Now, to clean up my weblow dashboard I delete the project (also considering Pricing&Plans). After a few months client needs a small feature update.

Would be awesome if at this point you could reupload the webflow exported code to webflow itself and start designing again?

Something to think of for next versions, maybe…

*Thanks for all your awesome work!


Let’s say that I’ll export my site , setup custom redirects on another server by editing the .htaccess file.
Can I then import the file back to your server?

Hi @Naama, sorry for the very late reply :-/ At the moment import is not possible after you have exported the site.

Importing a website back into Webflow, would be great as would working on it live…


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