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Does Webflow Provide a Code Editor?

I am thinking about using Webflow for an upcoming website. And I was wondering if webflow has a code editor for you to edit the page with HTML, CSS, and JS if you prefer that. I know the layout includes and tags in the nav section to make it more developer friendly, but I was wondering if there was a place specifically designed to let you use code. Thanks in advance.

Hello @Nicolas_Bruno,

Welcome to the forum. So, you can add your own costume code on any project, and that is on top of the code that is generated for you by Webflow. You can add your code or edit classes and tags either on page settings or on the embed element. Alternatively, you can also import everything you do on webflow on a zip file to use or/and edit on any code editor. I hope this helps.

Yes, it helps a lot, thank you!

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Hi i have a doubt, have some away to import back the code to the webflow ?

Hello @Hector_Lino_Mauvecin,

Do you mean bring code from somewhere else inside webflow as a template? I think the answer to that question is no yet. It is one of the requests but I don’t know when that would be implemented. But maybe if you contact support, they might be able to help you better.

My real problem is with the speed of the site, to fix it I searched the internet and the people says the solution is remove some unused JS files on my code (issue deteced by Google Page Speed,,). But cant figure out how to edit my site source code and fi this problem.
You can help me ?

hey @Hector_Lino_Mauvecin,

So that in terms of webflow would mean to delete interactions that you are not using, fonts that you are not using, or any other custom code that you added but no longer use. I hope this helps.

Unfortunately like @Pablo_Cortes mentioned, there is currently no way to re-import files into Webflow after editing the exported project. That said, I checked your site myself in Lighthouse and see that you’re getting mid 90’s for Performance:


Webflow’s JS file is just one of the handful of files that are mentioned, with two different Facebook files accounting for a much larger chunk of the size:


I would recommend focusing on some of the Accessbility and Best Practice issues that are listed instead (as these are the two lowest scores) and thankfully you should be able to address the issues directly in Webflow :+1:

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