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Uploading a HTML Template

Hi there,

Is there a way to upload an external template (i.e. not a webflow marketplace template) to start a new project?


Webflow only does exporting of code and images. There is not yet a way to import code.

What about in the future? Is importing templates on the road map as a future feature?

Hi. I recently opened an account with webflow and I bought a website template. At the moment, I’m more comfortable with Dreamweaver. So, I exported my webflow template into Dreamweaver and made some changes. Now, I’d like to import it back to webflow; unfortunately, this does not appear possible. If so, my incentive to develop and maintain websites with webflow is greatly diminished. The posts above are over a year old. Is there any way now to import website templates into webflow?

Hi @goldtrotter

I can’t talk as a staff member but I suppose that webflow will never import HTML/CSS.

At the time I opened this question I was trying to import an existing website to continue designing it on Webflow. Since there were no “importing feature” I started from scratch… I have no regret! After getting over the learning curve (it was a few hours to me) Webflow works like magic. You can create pretty much ANY kind of static website with the guarantee it will have perfect code - very different from Dreamweaver.

If you invest 3 hours learning Webflow you will never get back to Dreamweaver. Start here: http://tutorials.webflow.com/ - you will probably wonder how you ever manage to like Dreamweaver one day. :smile:

The real benefit that Webflow offers is a delighting way to design website producing beautiful code. It is not a hosting platform. Hosting is a very welcome part of its service but it is not its core value.

I believe there are a lot of other hosting services you could use to easily host your website created on Dreamweaver.

Hi guihnz,

Thank you for your reply. It’s good to hear that you stuck with it and benefitted from it. I have started going through the tutorials and they’re very good. I also like the source code that webflow generates–that made it easy to customize in Dreamweaver.

There are some surprising frustrations that I will have to navigate through with webflow. For example, I don’t know how to change the colors in the CSS files on webflow–that was a breeze in Dreamweaver. At the present time, customizations are much easier for me with Dreamweaver.

I was hoping to transfer some of my websites to webflow but that will have to wait until I’m more comfortable with the environment. For now, webflow will just have to serve as a great source for well-coded templates.

Hi @goldtrotter,

What you mean with “I don’t know how to change the colors in the CSS files on webflow”?

If you are trying to edit the CSS file, that’s not possible to do it inside Webflow. However, that should not be an issue, Webflow offers the option to change the color, though a “color selector”, from any element in the page after creating a class to it. Much easier then changing colors on CSS.

Actually, IMHO, this is the great benefit webflow has to offer… It has created nice visual tools that substitutes HTML/CSS code.

PS: can you believe that is possible to create this without coding: http://wars.webflow.io/ ? (from @vincent)

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Hi guihnz,

Yes, I meant that I wanted to change the theme colors through CSS. I couldn’t immediately see how to do that with Webflow except by the tedious and undesirable method of changing each asset, one by one. There may be a way to do this more elegantly on Webflow and I just have not yet learned it.

Having said this, I do see the potential of Webflow and I will stick with it until I get a better handle on what it can and cannot do. I do appreciate and understand your enthusiasm for Webflow–thank you for the encouragement.