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Import / Export

Hey all,
First - Webflow is a real timesaver, so thanks.

I have a tiny question, is it possible to import HTML/CSS? from readymade desktop sites?
My intention is to take one media query and break it automatically in Webflow to other media queries…
Is it possible to import something? Is it possible to edit the CSS directly?

Will be grateful for a detailed answer



Hi @Yotam_Ben_Dror, at the moment you cannot import into Webflow. RIght now we’re focusing on giving designers the tools to build a responsive website from scratch. Though we’re thinking about ways to do this in the future.

Also, you cannot edit the CSS code directly in Webflow. We abstracted all the important CSS properties into the interface. You can add code in the custom code section of your site settings.

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Thanks, thesergie.
I wanted to see if Webflow is suitable for fast agile prototyping, but currently without these features, it’s a problem.
My team wanted to examine if we can design the UX in webflow and examine fast breakingpoints and different touchpoints in the responsive flow. but due to lack of import/export features, it is still not baked enough for us I assume. I will stay updated when you release new features.