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Allow us to Import HTML which Webflow then analyses and reconstructs so we can modify it

Allow us to import either HTML and or insert a link which then webflow simply goes through the div classes and automated the process, this way you can modify it further using Webflow.

I work at a business which already has a built website and they are absolutely not interested in recreating it in webflow however they would love to be able to use webflow, this is because it is too much effort to recreate things.

This will also allow us to redesign websites that have been built through various tools, ofcourse you might run into some issues such as bootsrtrap and so on however you can just have bootstrap only affect new elements that are put in the page.

For example if a website uses buttons and stuff - when it is imported, instead of having it connect to bootstrap which might screw up the design if it wasn’t originally built on bootstrap to simply ‘ignore’ bootstrap classes by tagging it with an id like ‘no-b’…

You get the point, just make it work :wink:

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