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Imp: Student Discount Request

Hey Webflow,

I loved the whole platform and wanted to sign up for student discount. However, I can’t figure out how to. I have a registered account using my .edu email and also sent a request through your webform with my issues yet I’ve just received the automated reply.

I really want to use pro features like custom code and unlimited form submissions and was planning to learn them over thanksgiving break. I’d be extremely grateful if you can look into it ASAP.

Thank you,

Hi @Saumik_Tewari

Please note that between November 22-25, the Webflow Customer Success Team will have limited support hours because of the :us: U.S. Thanksgiving holiday. :turkey:

That being said, maybe @PixelGeek can help you out if you’re lucky.

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Thanks @donaldsv! I really appreciate your reply. I understand that things are kind of slow for thanksgiving and would be thankful if something could be worked out. I have exams/projects due next week and this weekend holidays are my best bet for uninterrupted webflow learning.

@PixelGeek Cheers mate! Loved each of your tutorial videos, been binging on them this week! Think you can help me out :wink:

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