Images in rich text field added via API are missing styles

I use the Webflow CMS API to insert data into rich text fields for blog posts. Until a few days ago, we could add images and style them like so:

<div class='quill-upload-image' data-align='center' contenteditable='false' style='max-width:100%;height:auto;margin:auto;'><table style='width:100%;white-space: nowrap;border: none !important;'><tr><td align='center' style='border:0px;'><figure style='max-width:48%;'><img class='lazyload' loading='lazy' src='' alt='Image' style='width:100%;height:auto;margin:auto;' ><figcaption style='font-size:16px;color:#757575;text-align:center;'>Image caption</figcaption></figure></td></tr></table></div><p>‎</p>

The raw HTML worked fine in the Webflow rich text field. Recently, however, we’re experiencing 2 issues around images:

  1. The images themselves have their styles stripped out.
  2. If an image is added, other elements with styles like code blocks and dividers are impacted and have their styles stripped out too.

This seems to be because Webflow is taking our image and uploading its own at In the process, it’s stripping styles. If we change the image source to… before sending the API request, everything works fine. But there’s no API for us to upload separately and insert a source image from

Is this a known regression? Or is there a recommended solution around this?

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Seconding this, we’re hitting the same issue. Makes publishing via API basically impossible now.

Is this still an issue for you?

If so, what did you do as a workaround?