Rich Text editor fails to upload images from API to

There is a bug with including images in the Rich Text editor.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a collection with a Rich Text field
  2. Use the Webflow CMS API to provide some HTML to this Rich Text field. The HTML contains images hosted at some third party URL like Firebase.
  3. Publish your site and you should see the images fine.
  4. Go back to the Rich Text field and edit it. Upload an image to the field. You will notice that it is uploaded to The previous images are still hosted at some third party URL.
  5. Publish your site.
  6. You will now notice on the published site that the newly uploaded image from within the editor is fine. The images that were previously added via API are now broken. They point to… but weren’t uploaded properly and we get an error AccessDenied

I made a video with a full explanation:

Here is my site Read-Only:

I am running into the same issue and would also be interested in feedback from Webflow in this regard

Open a support ticket with Webflow and see what they say. I believe this is a limitation in rich text fields in the CMS. Thing is that if you do an import of a CSV, images will get created on the CDN and src updated. Just not via the API.

I opened a ticket with Webflow and it seems to be a known issue. Their response below:

Thanks for getting in touch about the trouble with the images in the rich text which were imported via API but break after editing some image in the same rich text element, I am here to help.
I took a look and have been able to isolate the behavior to a certain possible open bug that exists in Webflow, I am helping to check further with our team to get more info.
Tag enforcement is applied on every edit to the Rich Text, so if the original image path included in the API request is not valid any longer, or there is some block in Webflow server from pulling that image for the import process during save, this kind of behavior will happen.

To be frank I won’t use Webflow for builds that require integration so I really can’t offer any advice for you other than potentially choosing another tool if you have this requirement. Wish I could offer more. If we could look at an unresolved bug list before we build/buy that would go a long way, but Webflow is not transparent about issues IMHO.