CMS Rich Text Formatting via API

Hey everyone,

I’ve been adding content, formatted in HTML, to a rich text field in my CMS via API and my results are always very inconsistent, with various formatting issues :sweat:

After each failed attempt I try to figure out what HTML tags are causing problems and avoid using them, but the formatting inconsistencies keep coming up.

Is there any clear guidance on approaching this from Webflow or our collective experience? I’d appreciate any help :slightly_smiling_face:

Here are some examples:

This doesn’t reflect the bold:


And this doesn’t hyperlink or bold:

Adam :v:

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There are a lot of inconsistencies in creating rich text via the API, but I’d start by creating the basic element structures you want in the CMS directly, and then examine that HTML via the API.

Reproducing those structures in your new content is your best chance of creating it reliably.

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Thanks, it’s very fiddly to get it work consistently! I hope they make it simpler in the future!

It is, and it changes without warning. Make sure your systems have good reporting in case something suddenly breaks.

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