API removes links/bold/italics from Richtext and makes images 60% width

Creating a separate topic for this issue since the others concern custom code and inline styles.

We’re noticing that, as of a few days ago, any content published via API to a rich text field is getting its links/bold/italics/etc removed and makes all images default to 60% width.

In Webflow’s own API docs they use a blog post as an example collection item, yet this effectively breaks publishing blog posts via API (who wants to publish a blog with tiny images and broken links/no bold/italics?).

Has anyone discovered a workaround?

No sure this is related @Audienceful but maybe take a look at this: Webflow removes the href attributes of a tags when pulling richtext from an API

We also have the same problem, we publish rich content via api and all links appear as href="#", but in the cms collection editor everything is correct. Anyone able to help? Its a huge problem!