Image from contentful rich text to webflow rich text


I’m working on a blog integration between Contentful and Webflow.
I’ve created an adapter that imports Contentful data into Webflow CMS collections.
Everything works fine except for the images embedded in the blog post body field, which is rich text.
If no images are embedded, everything in the webflow published website works fine (hyperlinks, bold, italics, underline, quote, lists).
When I add an image into the rich text, hyperlinks, bold, italics, underline, quote, lists lose their styles.

The embedded image is rendered in this way:

<img src={src} alt={text}>

Also the < picture > and < figure > tags return the same result.
My actual workaround is to create a div with the background image, but is a temporany solution.

Has anyone already encountered this problem?
Any help will be appreciated.


Webflow recently made a change on how the API handles rich text fields and strips out styles and custom code. Only what you can create via the designer is now supported. Images are also converted to webflow assets. I no longer will bother integrating Webflow with outside tools as I find the restrictions to severe. Good luck with your project.