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CSV Import w/ Rich Text Images Broken?

I previously was able to import externally hosted images into my CMS using CSV. This functionality seems to be broken?

A simple CSV with:
<img src="">
mapped to a rich text field just shows up as an image-placeholder.svg now!

What happened to this functionality as documented here?
This is killing me, I was able to do this successfully two months ago, and now I’m trying to launch a site migration from Wordpress and this is a non-starter!

Is this a bug? Or can somebody get a simple example like the one above to work for them? Thanks

Yeah this is a bug, it will be fixed sooner or later until then we just have to wait.

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Hi @wclifton1

Thanks for posting about this! This is definitely unexpected behavior and due to a recent update we made.

Our team is currently working on a fix that will again allow images to upload to Rich text field via CSV. I don’t have a specific time frame as to when this will be resolved.

For now, the best workaround is to upload the images manually after the CSV import.

I’ll post back here as soon as I have more information.


Hey @Brando ,

Will you let us know when you have a timeline for when this will be fixed? We are ready to move our blog over to webflow but this is bug is a blocker for us.

Hi @stuart.walker

I don’t have an exact ETA for a fix on this, but we should have it resolved soon. I’m hesitant to say, as it’s hard to be accurate with predictions like this, but hoping to have it resolved by end of next week.

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Hey @Brando ,

Has there been any further updates in relation to this bug?

Hi @stuart.walker

Thanks for requesting an update.

The team is still working hard to get this resolved but it’s not a small or quick update. We’ll definitely continue to keep you updated as we make progress though.

Thanks for your patience :bowing_man:

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Thanks for the update @Brando. Super anxious to complete our move to Webflow but I understand these things take time. It would be great to get an update here once a fix has been released.


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+1 for a fix for this issue. Thankfully I’ve only had to manually migrate images from ~40 blog posts but I imagine others may have it much worse.

We have 800 to import… :cry:

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Hey @Brando

Any update on this? I appreciate it’s a difficult one but it’s been a month since your last communication. We’re desperate to launch our new blog on Webflow!

Hi @stuart.walker @lpalombo @ShaneP @wclifton1

We pushed an update that allows images to upload on paste.

If the issue is still happening with the CSV file upload, it’s likely an issue with the formatting of these links.

We are happy to take a closer look — can you reach out to us directly with a copy of your CSV?

Alternatively, you can use to see if there are any errors in the CSV.

I have 450 to import… We’re you able to resolve it?

Not yet. I’ve just messaged support with the csv I’m trying to upload. Hoping they will be able to shed some light on the situation. I validated my csv with and everything came up green a part from 2 warnings about duplicated columns. Are your images hosted with AWS by any chance?

Nope they are hosted directly on webflow and according to CSVlint, all is great with the export.
It’s a real curve for me since the re-build/re-relaunch has to happen within 1 month

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This is still an open issue. I have confirmed that It does not effect the API. So using the API is a workaround as well as a tool like Zapier which uses the API.

I did a test with Zapier where I uploaded a CSV into Google Sheets, then used a Zap integration between Google Sheets and webflow. It worked.

I am currently also having this issue. I use airtable to hold all my images and then a formula to extract the URL of the image. Up until recently, I have been able to just import that URL column and it will import the image. No luck recently. I have contacted support but this is a website breaking feature that will prevent our launch if not corrected soon. I cannot manually drag and drop 2000 images.

@Youtini - Right now, you can use the API (or potentially Zapier) to populate with no issue. There are no other methods available, until the issue is resolved.