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I want to use a template on a .COM domain

Hello forum, i was just wondering about one thing.

I’m interested in using one of the templates available, and would like to use that template on a .COM domain that i already own.

Is that impossible, because it seems like you have to choose when you pick a template here.


It’s possible, you have two options.

After purchasing the template, you can give your site a name and start designing. Any time you publish, your site will be available on

From there, you can continue tu use Webflow hosting but using your .com domain name. You have to set this up in your site’s dashboard. It comes at a cost, something under 5 euros/month.

Another option is to download (export) the code (you need at least a personal plan) and upload it to your own server where your domain name is set.

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Thanks a lot man. (My posts need to be at least 30 characters long, but that’s all i wanted to say!)

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I know, right? #programsthatforcesyoutowritewaymorethanyouwouldliketo