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Hey guys, this is an easy question to answer. I was curious seeing as I wanted to use the Custom Domain feature. Could I make a .com domain through webflow? For example instead of I could turn it to ?

You will have to purchase the domain at a domain registrar such as Namecheap, Godaddy 1and1 etc. Webflow then has clear instructions as to what you will have to do once you own the domain. Yes ultimately your webflow site will then display instead

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Hello @apollo1392

Here are the instructions on how to hook your custom domain up to your Webflow site AFTER you have purchased it from a domain registrar.

@GermanAlex thanks helping the community :smile:

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You know what… I’m kind of fed up with your web builder program… Perhaps it works well for others but it’s not working well with me. I’ve encountered one too many problems and now having to update my browser specifically so I can design my website has been pushing it a bit too far. I’ve been holding off paying for the website and it seems like I’ve done the right choice. Thank you for the help, your service was wonderful.

You asked 3 questions so far.

Not sure why you are so upset with the product.

My sites push Webflow to it’s limits.

And mostly… it’s a great product.

To receive more help… Maybe you should ask more questions.

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