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Using Current Domain

I am wondering… Can I use my real URL or domain for my webflow site instead of the domain?

Yes, certainly. You have two options:

  1. This option is probably the easier option but it will cost money. It will mean buying a Webflow Premium account. To do this, first, go to your dashboard and then go to your account by clicking ‘Account’ at the top left:

Next, see the Webflow Plans by clicking on ‘Plans’ in the left panel:

Now, choose a plan. Choosing ‘Personal’ ($19/month) will allow you to use your own URL for one site, whereas choosing ‘professional’ ($40/month) will allow you to use your own URL(s) for three sites.

  1. OR, if you are not prepared to spend money, simply go into the site editor in Webflow the in the left panel and click on the <> symbol, meaning export code:

Then a box should pop up with your site’s code. Click on the button saying ‘Prepare Full Zip’ then hit it again to download the file:

Finally, extract the .zip file then upload the contents to your web host server.

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Hi @amyleighmiller you can totally connect your custom domain to your site here:

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I have a domain on Go Daddy which I am not yet using. I’m trying to decide if I would be better off exporting the code and hosting on Go Daddy for $2.99/month, or host on Webflow for $19/month.

I have zero experience hosting websites, but I imagine there is some bit of configuration and setup that I would need to figure out if I went with Go Daddy. I am impressed with how simple Webflow has made everything, and I am guessing the Go Daddy interface will be terrible, but does the difference in ease of use justify the price difference? How hard will it be if I go it alone on Go Daddy. Are there are other benefits to a Webflow membership that I am missing? I see that you also get unlimited exports. What is the limit on exports without a subscription?

I would love hear opinions from both folks who work at Webflow and those who do not.

Those are some great questions! We’re going to be changing up our pricing soon so that hosting is decoupled from our tool plans (you will pay per hosted site instead of it added tot he tool) and its a lot cheaper. The benefit of hosting with us is you can easily make changes and publish it very quickly instead of having to go to Go Daddy and muck around with FTP and re-upload and all that jazz to make a simple change.

Thank you! That helps.