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My own domain .net

Hi there,

Before I start “building” up my new website I have a question/doubt:

I already have my own host and domain, so all I have to do in the end is to export the code > unzipp the folder > and upload all the contents into my host (as I usually do when I work offline), am I right?

and… by the way, I’ve choose a plain template but I can’t find the “way back” to the templates page again… :blush:, is it possible to choose a different template?

Hope I was clear enough…
Thanks in advance :wink:

Welcome to the forums @hhelderalves!

In Webflow you can build your site from scratch or start with a template. When you start with a template you won’t be able to change it to a different one unless you create another site.

As for exporting code yes right now you can build it and export your code.

Thanks @thesergie!

Looking forward to start working…