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Won't let me buy template

ok I am new but not dumb… or am I? So I choose a template, it all of 19.00, Click on Choose Template, it redirects me to Dashboard, have to choose public for it un-gray purchase (buy proof for 19.00) Click on it and it takes me to account settings, Starter plan is grayed out. Will let me chose a different plan but not purchase template, sorry I do not want to commit a few hundred dollars for hosting before I see the template… 19.00 is throw away… So This is the strangest, a site builder that wont sell templates? how do I just buy it and work on it?

That is definitely weird. Is the reason why Starter Plan is greyed out, because your account is already on the Starter Plan?

Did you choose your template on the ( page, or from the templates ( page?

All road leads to Rome… Both ways ended with the same results… grayed out starter button, and unable to purchase, any other suggestion? do they have chat? or a way to purchase of the phone?

Sorry about that! :frowning:

Can you email us at ? We’ll sort this out right away. :smile:

Hi @styledinthewild, sorry for the trouble you are having with the template purchase! Try this, check if you have any existing private sites. If you do, then first mark those as public:

When there is an exisiting private site slot available on the dashboard, you should be able to purchase the template.

If that does not work, I would suggest to do as @PixelGeek recommended and to contact to the support desk.

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