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I want to sell a video course to a member on my webpage

Hi, I´m n new to Webflow im just learning. But I want to create a learning platform sort of, or to sell online courses to a member. Some people told me to go down with Webflow and memberstack, but others told me that isn’t possible. Some told me to build with Webflow on teachable. But I just want someone to shed some light on this matter please. Can Anyone give me some great advice?

Thanks in advance :pray:

It’s hard to provide great advice for you without knowing much more about what abilities you have, what you’re willing to do, and how new you are to all of this beyond just Webflow.

That all said, here is a walk through of using Webflow with MemberStack only (no other services) to create a simple online learning platform, this should give you some context from the MemberStack perspective…

As you can see, you need to be comfortable with custom code.

Beyond that many people make use of subdomains to handle a Webflow user facing site ( and then something like Teachable/Podia/etc… on a subdomain ( You lose the ability to tailor content on the main Webflow site due to lack of authentication, but gain huge strides in turn around time and simplicity.

There are more options that I or others may be able to help you with the better we understand what you’re abilities and desires are.

Hope that helps at some level!

Hi Chris thanks a lot, you see I’m really a noob on web design, no code, no programing; only basic knowledge of photoshop and some adore programs. I don’t really know much and I just started learning on my own. So Basically my background is none, but I’m a fast learner, so any advice is much appreciated. I’m looking for a long term solution but the simpler the better.

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Based upon all of that i would personally try to use something like Teachable/Podia on a subdomain. Look through that screencast I posted, if you can follow that great, if not, it’s okay just go the alternate route with the subdomain :+1: