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Simple Course Site with only Webflow & MemberStacks Frontend API [video]


I wanted to throw together a super quick e-learning course website with some videos and charge a one-time fee for access.

Of course I had to use Webflow for this :sunglasses:

I didn’t want to use a casserole of 3rd party services to make this work, but I did use one, MemberStack. I’m already familiar with MemberStack to gate content, so…I decided to throw together a quick screencast walking through how I put this together.

Wanted to share it…

That’s the full 20 minute video.

I’ve broken it down into smaller, bit sized chunks and written more about what I’m doing and how I’m doing it (along with the links from within the video) here:



This sounds great! I haven’t watched the video yet but I’ll be building something like this very soon so it will be a really useful reference when I get on to it. I’ve subd to your newsletter :v:t2:

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Sounds great @CircleWorks ping me if you bump into any issues or have any questions :slightly_smiling_face:

A question im very new to all this .can they just copy the youtube link and send it to friends?

You’d want to use something like vimeo and private urls that are only streamable from a specific url like

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