I published my site 6 weeks ago and it still hasn't been indexed by google. Please help


I published my site 6 weeks ago and it still hasn’t been indexed by google. Is this normal? How long does it usually take?

I did all of the steps mentioned by web flow like signed up for google search console, verified my site with them, submitted a sitemap and requested indexing. Not sure if I missed a step or what’s going on…

Any help would be appreciated.



That’s not at all unusual.
Look at your GSC reports to see what’s being indexed, and whether there are any problems.
The rest is a waiting and promotion game.

Your site’s not considered relevant just because you register it with GSC, that measure of relevance also includes how long it’s been around, how long the domain is registered for, how many backlinks you have to the site and from what trusted sources, etc.

Keep publishing and promoting it.

Thanks for the reply. I do not have any reports at all yet as nothing as been indexed. I am very active on multiple social media platforms and have created many back links. I figured it would take a few weeks but I’m at 6 weeks now with still nothing…

From your experience, how long does it usually take to get indexed for the first time?

Welcome @myfinancialpal :wave:

I’ve been indexed in a day or two. What’s the public sites URL?

If it’s https://www.myfinancialpal.com/ then…

Something doesn’t look right, no search engines seem to be indexing you:

Not sure what’s up. Looks like somethings blocking it. Try adding a robots.txt since it doesn’t already exist.

Thank you! Yes, I agree. Something seems off. I will do some research myself but how would I add a robots.txt ? Thanks in advance

also yes, that is my public url

If you go to your projects site settings, SEO tab you’ll see a spot where you can copy / paste in your robot.txt entry.

I created a bing webmaster tools account and this is what they say when I inspect my URL. It says it cannot be index as it is a redirect but it’s not…

Remove the trailing slash from the end of your canonical URL in Webflow’s site settings. That will break your canonicals site-wide, e.g.


It also means the server will redirect from https://www.myfinancialpal.com/ to https://www.myfinancialpal.com on that homepage link.

Thank you for the reply but there is not a trailing backlash at the end of my canonical tag. In the screenshot attached is how it’s always been. This is correct right?

Interesting thought, but that doesn’t seem like it’s the issue:

In comparison to working sites, this looks just fine:

@myfinancialpal at this point it’s worth you trying everything. That Bing report was helpful. Try removing the canonical all together and re-running that Bing tool, see if it helps. I doubt it will, but nothing should be ruled out at this point.

Further, from an SEO perspective, nothing stands out:

My first thought when seeing that Bing report was your DNS as the setup can go all sorts of ways funky, but reviewing your DNS record it looks legit:

Also, just reviewing the basics and it looks fine:

Thank you very much for this detailed response and for the work you did. I really appreciate it! I will try to remove the canonical, like you mentioned, and see if that works

I just removed it, re-ran the bing too and still the same result. Maybe it will take a bit for bing to recognize the change

I can confirm it’s showing as removed:

It’s doubtful that Bing would be caching those requests to check, but never hurts to “hit the button” again later today :smile:

I think the canonical angle is a red herring.

Something else is going on.

If there is no solution here, @myfinancialpal I would HIGHLY suggest you reach out to SEO consultants / firms with this exact question and get an assessment.

I don’t see anything that obvious, at first glance with your setup. So a deeper dive may be needed.

Here are some more stats for you to look through:

The above is an issue report, nothing stands out.

You can see nothing is being reported as “blocked” the above report.

And the only 302 redirects found (this tells the browser to redirect like Bing reported) are Twitter and Stripe.

Again, with the idea of not ruling anything out, remove both of those and re-run the Bing tool. Make sure some funky Javascript isn’t capturing your requests if the crawler doesn’t have Javascript enabled and redirecting (which may very well be happening).


Go through this and check each one, DNS could still be a cause: Connect a custom domain | Webflow University

You could also reach out to Webflow Support with the idea of your DNS settings causing this issue and ask them to review.

Thank you again. I have email support earlier this week and they said they could not identify an issue. I will reach out to them again.

Maybe I did mess something up when connecting my custom domain. Should I delete it and try to reconnect it? Or would that cause further issues.

Also, I was hoping there was something simple I messed up and could be a quick fix but it’s looking like I should reach out to an SEO pro.

Try removing Twitter and Stripe, first. Then go through your DNS setup thinking.

If nothing else is working, time to spend some money with a pro that can fix this quick for you.

Can’t hurt! Blow away your DNS settings with your provider (outside of Webflow) and just go through the whole process again. The painful part is the wait time for DNS to propagate, but if you do a bit of research you can fix that with low TTL times.

Good luck! Please keep me updated, you’ve captured my curiosity with this one :smile:

A good test is to leave your .webflow.io staging site open for crawling (there is a setting in the project settings that blocks this, uncheck it).

Set the Bing crawler on this staging domain and see what it reports. That can rule out the DNS issue.

Yep you’re ok then, I was looking at the screenshot you sent and your home page canonical, which seems to naturally append the slash. In the screenshot you sent, try entering your URL without the trailing slash and you should not get a redirection complaint.

Follow the steps outlined by Google at Bien débuter en référencement naturel (SEO) : principes de base | Google Search Central  |  Documentation  |  Google for Developers

Note: your robots.txt is throwing a 404 error.