Google Search not working

Hey Webflow Community,

I published the site last week and nothing shows up on google search.
I followed most steps for SEO (except if the img alt tags). I disabled Indexing and I think also correctly setup my Domain. I used the automatic connection with GoDaddy, but absolutely nothing shows on google.
Can somebody help me figure out what is wrong?

Appreciate all hints!

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Salih Balta

It can take a while to show up.
Are you using Google Search Console to identify if the pages are being indexed/crawled?

Yes, I am using Console and it says that data is being processed, so I assume that google is not done indexing the site? But is that normal? It has been almost a week. I assumed it must be faster🤔
Appreciate your answer, Thanks

Ok, a week sounds too long for page indexing but “processing data” is probably referring to Console Insights.
Regarding indexing, there might be an issue with duplicate content, depending on the method you’ve used for the GSC property type. Does your property show the “Domain Property” label below the url like the below screen grab? This is one method to ensure that the http, https, www, non-www addresses for a page don’t cancel each other out as duplicates.

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I’ve seen Google take months.

One thing you can do to accelerate that is to begin sharing links on social media, forums, backlinks from other sites, etc, so that Google begins to add relevance to your domain.

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This is how it looks in my console. The has the Domain Property. It also now says that 17 sites are indexed but 3 are not. Still the Landing page does not show up on google. What changed is that one Product page shows up, but only on the 3. page of google. So way back.

Indexing and crawling can take a while.
My input was to allow good GSC reporting but this doesn’t translate to improved SEO performance. It will help you keep track. The links report is good place to check external links to your site.

Aside from back links you can continue enhancing the performance of your site. I would assign HTML5 tags to respective elements. Start writing the alt descriptions for images, etc.

It now also says that 3 out of 22 sitest could not be indexed. One of those id the URL. Is this correct or could this be one of the problems?

First, I want to confirm that this report is coming from your “ – Domain-Property” and not from your “” property. Important that you view the “Domain-property” version of the reports moving forward. (I mention this since your previous post shows that you have reporting for both of these)

The first address listed as not being indexed is “” This is probably due to your address “” taking priority over it. This is expected.
As an example, over time my personal website continues to list pages that are not indexed but this includes all of the versions I don’t want (http:// , https://(without www)) So I have 120 pages that are indexed and 307 that are not. I continue to monitor new ones that are not indexed to ensure that the non-indexing is intentional.

The second address for /stocklist I’m unsure about because this incudes “https://www…”. You should be able to click on that one and Google Search Console will bring up more details about what’s causing it to not be indexed.