I need help transferring my Squarespace domain to Webflow

Hello, I currently trying to transfer my domain from Squarespace to Webflow. I did everything that I was supposed to and my domain is still down. I started the transfer last Friday. Squarespace said I did it currectly and to email Webflow but they don’t have an email for me to reach. anyone can help me please?

@nora_Bende - Assistance is not possible without sharing essential details.

What is your domain? What are your project settings? Did you follow the process to set up a custom domain as defined by Webflow?

Hello! Thank you for replying to me. My webflow domain is www.norabomobende.webflow.io and ultimately trying to change it to www.norabomobende.com this is what I see with current domain

Hi Nora, is it verified successfully, with the TXT record?

Beyond that, you may need to set the www version of your domain as the default domain and republish.

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Ok let me try that and I will get back to you :slight_smile: thank you