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Publish webflow to an existing domain


I have an existing website created in squarespace I am to close the site but I want to keep the domain that I am paying through squarespace.

Then I want to publish my site (of course without paying for a domain as I’ve seen on webflow) to my adress

Any tips on how to do this?

You will have to transfer your domain to another Domain Name Registrar like Google Domains or Namecheap. This way you own the domain.

You can also point the domain directly, but squarespace is not an actual domain name registrar.

Thank you for your fast reply!

I still have until October for the domain on squarespace. So I’m thinking about pointing it until I have to renew and then transfer it. In the point step-by-step guide you sent, I’m stuck at step 4.

What do I put in “Enter URL from your provider”? I tried this link:
But that won’t work. It says “Not a valid host name”.

Set up hosting on your project, add a domain name, then you will receive further instructions.

I have followed the steps to point on webflow under hosting but can’t get it to work. See pictures.

Looks correct. You’ll have to delete all other A and CNAME records that are not Webflow’s.

Thats for handling G suite mail. How do I add that to webflow if I have to remove it from squarespace?

Only the MX records are needed for email.

There are only MX left? Or am I wrong?

It says this when I try to save:
An unexpected error occurred while changing your DNS settings.”

Seems like squarespace only allows one A record per unique host value. Like I said, they are not a proper domain name registrar and you would fare better transferring to one.

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