Webflow-Image-Upload to Make(Integromat) to Webflow-CMS

Hey guys, I feel so frustrated at the moment.

Okay, I have two websites on the same Webflow account. Both of the sites have forms, and on one site there’s the CMS. The goal of the whole setup is that when people fill out a form (which contains image uploads, by the way) on either of the websites, the data from the forms is sent to Make.com (Integromat) and then sent to the Webflow CMS.

So the issue I am having right now is that the whole setup works except for the fact that the images are not getting uploaded to the CMS. I have tried everything I could and gone through various articles in this forum, but to no avail.

Can anyone help me with this?

I am also experiencing the same issues.

In my quest to solve this I’ve come across a few helpful tips:

  1. In your project settings under Forms make sure that “Restrict uploaded file access” is turned off
  2. Check out this YouTube Tutorial: https://youtu.be/jBaJBYBUiK0?si=RXKJVE7tDD45uuy1

For many, this alone has worked. I for some reason am still having trouble but if I figure it out I’ll report back.