How can I create a google form and integrate it with CMS (With multiple images)

Hi guys, I have formed with these fields, and I won’t make automation with zappier or make to update/Create cms item, But I can not receive photos in webflow I just receive a link
could you please guide me


-Pictures of the Project

-Thumbnail of the Project

-Address Of the Project

-Developer of the Project

-Price Range of the Project

-Number of Units

-Number of Floors

-Estimated Completion Date

-Project Description

-Presentation Center Address

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Elite Real Estate Team

Hi @Amiraliadib welcome :wave:

You’ll need to upload that image somewhere and send the link through your automation (zapier or make) to get it working. It’s, unfortunately what the API expects. Hope that helps!

Webflow’s Logic BETA platform might allow you to process your Form Upload files and add them to a CMS collection directly. I haven’t tested this and I don’t currently have any Business-plan sites to test File Uploading on.


Maaaaaaaaaaaaannnn. That’s a serious oversight.