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I lost my site google indexing few days after adding the custom domain name

Hi everyone,

The site I redisigned a ws with webflow is suddenly not indexed in google. When I added the custom domain (changing the dns recordings in the server accordingly) one week ago, everything worked perfectly well, but now google seems to have an issue with the site in his search engine.

I updated the titles tags and meta descriptions few days agos, can it be a reason? Also I thought it could be the fact that 2 custom domain adress has been added and create max redirect? I just changed the default custom domain to

Anyway the site is working but not indexed by google, can anybody has a clue about what has possibly happened ?

Thank you folks

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Add your site with Google Search Console by this domain, Add sitemap and Robot txt in your site. When the search console shows sitemap submission status “success” then check your site in browser https/www). Hope, your site will be indexed soon. You can also request URL to index instantly. Thanks

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