Problem with my automatic generated sitemap after a change of domain name/custom domain

Hello everyone,

I have made and published a website ( and a few months ago, I decided to change its name (for
Hence, I bought a new custom domain on Google Domain and did the 301 permanent redirection from the old custom domain to the new one. I think that this part is working well.
Of course, I also set Webflow up with the new custom domain name, updated Google search console with the new domain name, and uploaded the new sitemap to Search Console.

But here is my problem… The automatic sitemap of Webflow… :

When I publish the automatic sitemap, and then check it, the pages added after the change of the custom domain appears, but the custom domain name didn’t change for the new one.… It is still “foxcaptures” and not “foxtrotteurs”…
At the beginning I thought that Webflow needed some time to process with all this changes, so I left it like that a couple of days… But when I came back to try again and nothing had change.

After that, I decided to do my sitemap manually, using the old one and replacing “foxcaptures” with “foxtrotteurs” in the text. It seemed to work (even if it is really annoying to update it every time I publish a new article), but after a month of use like this, my Search Consol tells me that my pages are not indexed (only 2 pages indexed on 58 pages). So I think that I have a problem here, but I really don’t know how to fix it… Could someone help me please ?

1. How to fix this automatic sitemap problem ?
2. How to resolve the indexing search console problem ?

I hope that I have been clear, I really tried. Sorry if it is not the case.

Here is my (manual) sitemap :
(As I explained, the automatic one is the same, but with “foxcaptures” everywhere)

And here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

Thanks a lot for helping :pray:

When you have multiple domain names on a Webflow site, Webflow picks one to use as the domain name in your generated sitemap.xml.

If you have one of your domains set as the default domain, Webflow should pick that one. If you do not have a default domain, Webflow seems to pick randomly, and this creates problems for people.

Try setting as your default domain, enable automatic sitemap generation, and publish. You should be good.

If you have done your 301 redirect outside of Webflow, on Google domains itself, then you don’t need your domain in Webflow anymore and I’d just remove it.

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OMG thank you very much :pray:
This was so easy, but I wouldn’t have thought about it :see_no_evil:
Thanks thanks thanks !!!

And about removing the domain in Webflow, you think that it won’t have any consequences ?
I didn’t dare to do it yet and thought to remove it in a few months, when the custom domain name will expire. What do you think ? I remove it now without waiting ?

Glad I could help.
Well, that domain isn’t hurting you, I’d leave it if you’re not sure.
Usually if you’d configured your DNS for redirects, it would probably also be pointing somewhere else, and Webflow would identify it as “unconnected or misconfigured”.

Even then you could just leave it in the Webflow config without issue. But if it’s showing as active ( green ), I’d definitely leave it in place for now.

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It is odd because the foxcaptures domain and subdomain are marked as “published” (in green) even if I do not publish them anymore, and even if it is written “Issues detected” (in orange) in the custom domain part of Webflow…
But if this doesn’t interfere with the configuration nor Google and the Search Console, I prefer to leave it like this for now yes :slight_smile:
Thanks again :pray:

Yes “issues detected” probably means that the DNS for that domain no longer points at your site, but that’s fine. Not hurting a thing.

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