Domain not listed on Search Engines 301 Moved Permanently

Hi there, I published to webflow hosting this website several weeks ago, and I also, like continuously after published, I indexed on Google search and Bing. After some weeks published, the client called me saying when he searched his website on Google, he couldn’t find it; I tried myself, but I couldn’t find it either. But in Bing Search, I see the listing, but showing only the URL with the error “301 Moved Permanently” I searched the webflow articles and forums about this issue most of them said that this issue could be fixed by changing the custom domain HTTPS to “www” I did that from the beginning. Also, I had the meta title and description setup already, so I don’t understand how It can’t show the Meta Description on the internet; I have several websites published, and I don’t remember I had this issue before. So what I did wrong on this specific project, I don’t know now.

Please, guys, if you can find the issue, what I need to change, or if I did something wrong.

Here is the link to this project:

Any help will be appreciated,
Thank you!

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