Webflow Page not indexed in Google


my Webflow Site isn’t indexed in google and any other search engine. I checked every setting DNS, Meta description etc. everything seems fine but google somehow can’t find it.

Here is my theory: When I first published it some months ago the setting Disable Webflow Subdomain Indexing was enabled. I noticed this about two weeks ago but still can’t find it in google. Other webflow pages that I made didn’t have this problem at start but the setting was for them disabled from start.

The website https://wolfsanierung.de/

Thanks for anyones help!

First you are self hosting and all the references in code are pointing to your webflow.io project. Your robots.txt looks like it’s from a WordPress install and is blocking bots. Your sitemap is coming from WP. So you have issues to deal with.

but I use the same setup for a different website which is also hosted via Wordpress and this is found in google