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Help with pulling across CMS data

Hi there

I need help choosing what is displayed on different CMS pages ad what is not.

I added a CMS collection named hotel accommodation and pulled this over from to the collection i chose. The issue is i chose a filter on one hotel page which is now shown of every single CMS page.

What i would like this to match hotel 1 with the hotel 1 collection.
and on another page
Hotel 2 with Hotel 2.

Hope this makes sense.

@Grant1 Thanks for sharing.

Could share your public share link? This could be just some re-organizing of collections to get what you need.

Thanks for replying

I am not sure if I understand what you are trying to do.

What page are you specifically trying to pull data to?

What kind of data are you wanting to be on that page?

Let me try to explain everything. Webflow limits customers to 100 pages, so I have to use CMA even though it’s limited. So I am using CMS but Webflow also limit how much you can add to a page in CMS. 30 I believe.

So I have created another CMS collection (I have names villas) and am trying to pull that Infomation across to the original CMS pages which ran out of spaces. But what I want is to have the data I’m pulling across from say names villas 1 on one CMS catogry to display on that page.

Basically how can I limit a CMS collection I’m pulling across to only display on one CMS page.

Hey @Grant1

I think you’re referring to the 30 fields per collection limit, right? If you upgrade to the Business CMS plan it increases to 60 fields per collection. Is that enough to cover your project’s needs?

Other than that I think what you’re looking for is the Reference field which allows a collection to reference and see data inside another collection’s item. This university page should get you started. Right now I don’t see a reference field in the Villas collection to the Accommodations collection.

As for filtering a collection list on a different page, here is how to do that. But if you create a direct “reference” between a hotel collection item and the accommodations collection item then filtering shouldn’t be necessary as you can bind directly to data within the referenced item.

Also here is a helpful article on how to plan/structure your cms data.

Hopefully this will start to help you get the data organized and connected. Please follow up if you have further questions.

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Hi Matthew

Thank you for the information but i still am not able to limit the collection items i want to match there pages. I have upgraded my plan to add more fields and have added references.


But i still have no idea after watching the videos how to sort to the pages i desire.

This is where i want it to show only.

But as you can see from the name of this CMS page it still shows on all of the other CMS.
I just want to limit to only being seen on the correct CMS page.