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Help With CMS Collections

I am having some issues with CMS,
I have a main collection named (Luxury Hotels)
I have a second collection named (Villa accommodation)

So when i first joined webflow it had everything i wanted, until i found out like many there is a 100 page limit for normal pages. I then was told to learn and try to create on CMS. OF course i found this very restrictive and time consuming for design but as it was my only option I continued.

I have the largest webflow plan that is offered but it still is limited to me with the amount of fields they give which is 60. So my option is to drag content from one collection to another.

So what i need help with is how to bring information from (Villas Accommodation) (Say hotel Hilton) to match the (Hilton Hotel Page) in (Luxury Hotels)

Of course i need other cms pages or (luxury Hotel pages to only show there correct hotel information from (Villa Accommodation)

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Take a look at this here:

You can reference information from other collections.


I have been watching this all morning but doesnt to help. If i do this what i am dragging across displays on every other CMS page, not just one which is of course what I need.

Oh right!! No I hear you. You don’t have the option to really make certain CMS pages unique which would be sooo useful in many use cases. I think we are all waiting for an update in this area.

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Urrrghh Great. I really wish webflow just made a plan that let you have over 100 pages

Not really sure what to do now. I have spend 6 months designing a complex site only to not be able to finish.

Is there any work arounds you can think of? Anything or anyway to do something like this which webflow hasn’t restricted?

So I can help better, can you record a video describing exactly what you are trying to accomplish along with your read-only link to your project?

How do i add a video here?

Hey @Grant1

Can you please update your share link because it’s not working any longer for me. Thanks in advance.

I’ve watched your video and I think there is a solution for you. But I need to get my hands on the project.

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The collection master!!!