I got charged right after downgrading my plan

I got charged right after downgrading my plan. I’m aware that I subscribed to a freelance workspace plan on january 9th and I’ve already asked for a refund and they’ve already processed my refund, but after checking my bank, I found out that webflow charged me for another $24 on january 13th, right after I downgraded my plan, and they refuse to give my money back, there’s no invoice, my account is still on a free starter workspace, so, where did the money go? It’s okay if my account is on a freelance plan or any other plan but it’s not!

Hey Zen this is the community forum, only support can help you.
They should be able to tell you what the charge is for at least.

I mean, if they could, I wouldn’t be here:)

I’m not sure what you’d expect the community to know about what Webflow has billed you. Your neighbor Fred might know more :slight_smile:

If Webflow’s saying they didn’t bill you, contest the charge with your CC company?

Hi @sherlockryzer — Joshua here from Webflow. Can you please DM me your ticket number with Webflow Support and I’ll have a look at what’s going on