Is webflow a scam?

My account is set to free. I have been charged over €300 to my bank account and there is no receipt of anything anywhere? No helplines are getting back to me, There is no invoice number because there is no purchase made or any subscription, it literally says my account is free under all the billing and account information.

Has anyone else been scammed by Webflow? Has anyone ever been able to get support through Webflow?

If this is a legitimate question, then;
Log into your dashboard, and click the billing tab [1].

At the top [2] is your workspace billing plan.
Below that [3] are your hosted site billings.
If there is zero billing on this page check [4] to see if you have other workspaces.

Contact support ( button is top right here in the forums ) if you have a problem or made a mistake.

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Hi. Thank you, this is a legitimate question.

I have checked this and it only says I have a free account. The hundreds taken from my account is for my rent and I have filled out multiple tickets for customer support and noone is getting back to me about my issue.

It’s really concerning and I am struggling to find contact details for any humans.

Thank you for your help!

Apologies for my delayed response at the moment as I have been in hospital. if you have any contact details or any way to help it would be amazing. I do not have any websites hosted by webflow and have only a free account as it says in the section listed above.

I have started applying to webflow jobs and outlining the issue so that hopefully a human will get to me but there have been no responses from the multiple tickets, through chat bot support or through the other attempted routes

If the billing screen is blank with no charges and you have no other accounts, then perhaps your card was stolen.

As far as I’m aware, you don’t even need to provide your credit card to Webflow as part of free account setup. It only happens once you purchase a workspace plan or host a site.

If you’re showing no billing from Webflow in your account and Webflow isn’t replying, I’d assume it’s a fraudulent charge from somewhere else- but I’ve never heard any reports of anyone using “Webflow” in fraudulent CC charges.

Take the obvious self-help route- contact your credit card company, contest it, cancel the card and issue a new one, etc. the normal process.

Hi @Gra Joshua here from Webflow Support — sorry to hear about this. Can you please DM me the ticket number(s) you have when you submitted at I would be happy to look into this for you

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Hi , i have exactly the same problem, no plans subscribed but 3 bill of 60€ each.

I want to stop pay for nothing and i also want be refund please.

Thanks to do the neccessary, or you can contact me.

Only if contact support replies. I was charged twice. I’ve been trying to contact the support for half a month and I received 0 assistance. I’ve already started an investigation with my bank and filed a dispute. This is ridiculous

No idea how webflow support works. I’ve been charged twice for no reason. I’ve been trying so hard to contact someone from webflow support and I received 0 reply. I’ve been to my bank today and opened a dispute to get into investigation. At the same time, I’m deleting my webflow account once my bank gets back to me with the result. I’ve never experienced such ridiculous customer service and I literally feel that I was robbed.

How to DM you? I’ve submitted a request on May 24 to get refund. But I heard nothing.

In the forum, click the person’s name, and then the blue message button.

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