Webflow charged me $18 for 3rd Apr- 3rd May but no corresponding services

Hi there, I’m a basic plan user, I received a bill from Webflow for the period of 3rd April to 3rd May. Then I downgraded my plan to a free one assuming that the basic mode would end at May.

As a result, I noticed that my portfolio website, which used a custom domain, became a 404 error page, and I am currently unable to access corresponding services such as exporting code.

I am seeking assistance on how to resume my plan so that I can continue accessing these services for this month. Thank you in advance for your help!


You’ve downgraded your site hosting, not your account type.

You need to change your account to the “Starter” account and then add hosting back to your site

This link is for your account

This one is for your portfolio site

Thank you David. But adding hosting back to my site means another $18. However, I’ve paid $18 for this month. Now I want to resume my plan for free…

Best getting in touch with Webflow support to help you with this!