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I cant seem to edit a hidden 'click' form - PLEASE HELP

Please help… been trying to edit this for for ages… :frowning:

Here is my public share link:
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Hi, @Dane.Goldenedge

This form is inside the symbol “Short contact form”

Open this symbol and in the style settings make it display: block. It will become visible and you will be able to edit this element.


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On your home page, select the navigator tab.

Double click on the green cube next to “Short Contact Form.” It will them become a green-outlined square as you see in the diagram.

Select that green outline level as shown, then go to the Selector Tab.

To unhide and edit the info, you should select “Block” as shown circled in red.

After editing, make sure to hide the div again so it will function properly.

Hope this helps.

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