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Editing form in a template

I’m soooo new, and this is probably simple, but I can’t edit the contact form on this template (essential). It’s hidden unless you click the button on the bottom, but in edit mode, I can’t get it to show to edit it, so all the default info is still in there.

Thanks for any help on this.

Hi @dsigngrrl

It is a bit of a tricky one.

  1. Go to the NAVIGATOR (3rd tab).

  2. Double click the item with the green icon (means it’s a global object) that’s titled CONTACT FOOTER

  3. Jump to the STYLE tab (1st one) and under display setting change it from the last one (None) to the first one, “block”.

Don’t forget to hide it again!

Hope this helps!


Thank you! This was exactly what I needed, domin8tor! It worked beautifully. Much appreciated.

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I could not edit a form on my template (essential) it because the form was hidden until clicked, so I asked for help here, and domin8tor kindly sent instructions. It worked perfectly.

I saved these instructions knowing I would need them again, but now, as I try to do exactly as it was written, it no longer works. I have followed the instructions exactly, but when I click on the style button and change the display setting to BLOCK, nothing happens.

This is a link to the original plea for help:
Editing form in a template in your browser.

I followed the instructions to the letter. If you know why it’s not working, please let me know.

Hi @dsigngrrl, thanks for the post, sorry to hear of the trouble :-/ We are here to help :slight_smile:

It seems the old read-only link is no longer valid. Could you share the site read-only link again: