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I am not able to edit the pop up window

I am building a website using Webflow but the problem is, it has a “sign up/get started” button which loads a pop up window where you need to fill in your details, first name, last name, email address but I cannot find a way to edit/customise that pop up window and I need to do that asap. Plus I wanna know where would these name, email address would be stored once I launch the website.

here is my site’s read only link:

A popup window usually has a state of hidden. If you look at the interaction you will see it acting on an element. In your case it is a symbol called form. In the navigator locate and select the element. Since it is a symbol double click it. Then temporarily set the display to “block”. Now you can see it on the canvas and edit it. When done set the display back to “hidden”.

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