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Edit existing form

Hi there,

Can someone please assist me with the following:

I’m trying to edit the current form on my website to capture the First Name and the Last Name as well (instead of just the email address). I watched the video but this video does not show me how to edit or add to an already existing form.

Currently our form is small and located on the bottom right of our home page

Any other direction would be greatly appreciated.

Here is my public share link: [LINK]1
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@oliviahermans1 great question! Your form is within a Symbol so you need to double click into your Footer symbol and then you will add in two input fields next to your email address capture point.

I made a quick GIF to show the process:

You will need to change the name/ID of each input field as well to First Name and then Last Name to make sure that they pull through correctly.

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