How to find and edit a Component that is hidden?

There is an old forum post asking about this same question from back in 2016, but with the updates to Webflow recently, the answer seems to be different.

I have a pop-up form that only shows when you click a button. I used to be able to go to Style>Layout and change it from Hidden to the one on the far left to see it and edit it, but that no longer works. The form is within what used to be a Symbol and is now a Component. I’ve tried so many different things and need help getting this form to appear so I can edit it, even though it still works fine in the preview.


Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK](Webflow - Lightspeed)
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hi @Christopher_Mullan and welcome. The best way to get help is to follow request guides that are pinned on top of each section. In case you have miss that here it is.

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Ok I added a preview link and another screenshot

HI @Christopher_Mullan your issue is related to class modal-container--contact. I do not have time to investigate deeper why it is behaving like that but when you remove this class and set modal-container as block your modal will appear.

Hope this will solve your request.

Thank you! Yes this worked